The Airport is located at the southwestern end of Alderney.  These pictures show the Airport and aircraft in Alderney.
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AYAIR50 Valentine K7082 

Airport, Alderney

AYAIR52 Bailey

"Winnie the Pooh"

AYAIR51 Bailey

Aircraft at Alderney

AYAIR53 Bailey 2910 

'Cloud of Iona' on Braye Beach

AYAIR54 Bailey
'Cloud of Iona' at Alderney
AYAIR55 Bailey
Aircraft at Alderney 
AYAIR56 N Grut A45 
Alderney Airport
Alderney Airport
AYHER01 - Valentines K7334 Valentines K7334
DH Heron G-AMYU in flight

Various pictures taken at the airport, August 1971
Islander G-AWBY Trislander G-AYWI DH Heron G-AOGO  Morton Air Services
Trislander G-AYWI Islander RAF ? type unknown

AYBAR01 - Westness Westness
Trough Near Airport
2000 view