Autocel cards printed by "S, P, &S., E" were in use from 1904 to 1909.   Most of these merely state the publisher and a number, however the "Riduna" vertical card below has a different attribution indicating that the series may have been commissioned by Cooley's Fancy Bazaar.

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AYSTA05 68596 
Interior, St. Anne's Church, Alderney
AYGEN09 - Autocel / Cooley's bazaar "Riduna
Reverse of this card states 'The "Autocel" series.  Cooley, Fancy Bazaar, Alderney"
AYHAR02 68597 
Hanging Rock, Alderney
AYGRO01 82222 
Gronez Fort and Harbour, Alderney
AYALB01 82223 
Fort Albert, Alderney
Autocel: AYALB11 Fort Albert, Alderney
AYVRA07 82224 
Crabby Village , Alderney
AYSTA126 Crabby Village & Fort Tourgies, Alderney
Autocel 82225 82225 
St. Anne's Church, Alderney
AYSTA18 St. Anne's Church, Alderney
AYCSQ12 82226 
Casquets Lighthouse
AYCSQ57 The Casquets Light House, Alderney
AYHBR87 82227 
Little Harbour and Breakwater
AYHBR86 A308 
Breakwater, Alderney
AYSTA39 Albert Gate AYCSQ05 Casquets Lighthouse, Alderney
AYCLQ12 Clonque Fort, Alderney AYCLQ03 Clonque Fort, Alderney
AYCRA02 Crabby Village & Fort Tourgies, Alderney AYSTA126
Victoria Street, Alderney
No image Alderney Cow