W and E Bailey ran a photographic studio in Valongis, Alderney in the 1930s, and left Alderney
prior to 1940.

Most Bailey postcards show Alderney scenes.  These were produced on stock printed with the Bailey name and address (see below) and  are generally numbered in the lower left-hand corner of the picture.  The cards are almost all sepia-toned.

Some Bailey postcards showing scenes in Guernsey and Sark are also known.

They also lived in and photographed scenes in the southwest of England.
2079:  St. Audries' School, Somerset 2079
St. Audries' School, Somerset

AYCOR54 Bailey 2589 
Corblets Sands & Fort
AYETO50 Bailey 2591 
Fort Chateau a Le Toc, Alderney
AYLTH61 Bailey 2603 
Quesnard and Lighthouse, Alderney
AYSAY50 Bailey 2604 
Saye Bay
AYALB52 Bailey 2609 
Fort Albert, Alderney 
(From Breakwater)
AYCLQ60 Bailey 2611 
Clonque Fort
AYPLS01 Bailey 2615 
'Platte Saline Alderney'
AYCAC55 Bailey 2619 
Cachaliere Pier, Alderney
AYTEL03 Bailey 2621 
Telegraph Bay
AYTEL63 Bailey 2622 
Telegraph Bay
AYTEL68 Bailey 2622 
Telegraph Bay
AYBRA59 Bailey 2630 
Braye Bay, Alderney
AYSTH53 Bailey 2634
(SE Coast)
AYESX51 Bailey  2635 
Fort Essex, Alderney 
(see also Longy)
Bailey 2636 Bailey  2636
Nunnery Alderney 
(see also Longy)
AYLON57 Bailey 2637 
Longy Bay
AYCAC56 Bailey 2641 
Cachalier, Alderney
AYHBR09 Bailey  2644 
The Breakwater, Alderney
AYHAR54 Bailey 2647 
Hanging Rock, Alderney
AYBRA53 Bailey 2648 
View of Braye Bay from Fort Albert.
AYBRA05 Bailey 2649 
St. Annes Alderney
AYLON53 Bailey 2656 
The Nunnery
AYBUR50 Bailey 2662 
Burhou Cottage
AYBUR51 Bailey 2665 
AYBUR52 Bailey 2666 
Puffins on Burhou
AYSTA45 2667
Town Pump
AYNTN51 Bailey 2668 
Water Lane
AYPLS55 Bailey 2669 
Platte Saline
AYPLS11 Bailey 2670 
Platte Saline, Alderney
AYSTA06 Bailey 2672 
Victoria St., St. Annes
AYSTA28 Bailey 2674 
The Town Clock, St. Anne's
AYSTA119 Bailey 2675 
Upper Victoria Street St Annes
AYNTN04 Bailey 2676 
Water Lane
St. Peter Port, Guernsey
AYSTA144 2763 
The Convent, Alderney
GYPOR01 2768
Portelet Harbour
GYPLE04 - Bailey 2785 2785
Guernsey, Pezeries Point
Pleinmont  1936
GYFER17 - Bailey 2892 2892
Fermain Bay
AYCLQ57 Bailey 2907 
Granville Bay, Alderney
AYAIR53 Bailey 2910 
'Cloud of Iona' on Braye Beach
AYVIC01 Bailey 2911
Victoria Street
AYCSQ01 Bailey  2917 
The Casquets
SKGOS02 2961 
Havre Gosselin, Sark
SKBRE04 - Bailey 2987 2987
AYBOT50 Bailey 3207 
Bottle Alley, Alderney
AYGRA50 - Bailey 3208 3208
Grand Hotel
AYSTA259 - Bailey 3209 3209
High Street
AYBRA61 Bailey 3211 
Old Harbour
AYCOU59 3214
SS Courier at Alderney
AYSTA259 - Bailey 3215 3215
St. Anne's Church
AYSTA261 - Bailey 3216 3216
St. Ann's Church
AYHBR82 3219
AYHBR82 3223 
The Roads
AYCOR02 Bailey 8915, 
Corblets Sands & Fort
AYAIR51 Bailey 
Aircraft at Alderney
AYAIR55 Bailey 
Aircraft at Alderney
AYAIR54 Bailey 
'Cloud of Iona' at Alderney
AYAIR52 Bailey
"Winnie the Pooh"
AYGDN50 Bailey 
Garden Rocks
Rocks taken from inside cave (Telegraph Bay?) AYHBR74 Bailey 
'Arpha' at Alderney
AYCAC01 (Cachaliere)
SKGOS02 Bailey 2961 
Havre Gosselin, Sark
SKBAL01 Bailey 2986 
Sark Baleine Bay
SKBRE04 - Bailey 2987 Bailey 2987