Thomas Bramley, from Guernsey, published postcards showing photographs of Alderney during the 1920s and 1930s.

The series clearly published by Bramley is given first.  A second series, characterised by the presence of a number and period (e.g. "13.") is tentatively attributed to Bramley and is listed in a second table below.
AYSTA42 - Bramley Birds-eye View Alderney, CI - Birds-eye view of the Town
AYCOR51 Alderney CI - Coblets Bay and Fort showing the Famous Lighthouse
AYBRA52 Alderney, CI - Douglas Quay - Fort Albert across the Bay AYCRA51 Alderney - Crabby Village showing Catholic Church and Harbour (from Fort Tourgis)
AYTOU56 Alderney CI - Tol-Vol , Fort Tourgis in the background AYSTA124 Alderney CI - Victoria Street
AYSTA147 Alderney Show
(See also Cattle)
AYVAL52 The Valley
AYSTA41 Val Ruters Valley & Scott's Hotel AYSTA50 Butes Chapel and Rocquettes, Alderney
AYLAD51 Bramley 1913 Cattle Watering Trough, Ladysmith AYCOU51 Courier on the 'slip' at St Sampson, Guernsey
AYSTA122 High Street AYSTA60 Little Street, Alderney
AYSTA62 Ollivier Street and Royal Arsenal, Alderney AYSTA63 Royal Court
AYSTA123 St. Anne's Church AYLTH01 The Lighthouse, Alderney
AYLTH63 New Lighthouse, Alderney

(black band painted on negative)

AYLTH64 New Lighthouse, Alderney
AYBRA55 Old Douglas Quay, Alderney AYESX55 Old Nunnery and Fort Essex
AYVAL50 The Valley, Alderney CI
AYTOU55 Tol-Vol Road, Alderney AYSTA61 Upper Victoria Street, Alderney
AYSTA41 Val Ruters Valley & Scott's Hotel AYSTA69 Victoria Street, Alderney
(shows W R Gaudion outside his shop)
AYSTA59 Victoria Street, Alderney
(looking towards Rocquettes)
AYWRK62 Wreck of Petite Raymond
AYSTA263 - Bramley Victoria Street

AYBUL50 1.
HMS 'Buller' Alderney
AYSTA138 ?Bramley 1. 1. 
Victoria Street, Alderney
AYLON60 Bramley 3. 3. 
Longy Bay and Fort Essex, Alderney
AYSTA203 4
(Lower Victoria Street)
AYTEL65 5. 
Natural Arch, Telegraph Bay, Alderney
AYSTA262 - Bramley 6 6.
The Convent
AYTOU53 ?Bramley 7. 7. 
Watermill Farm, Alderney
AYSTA84 8.
Royal Court, Alderney
AYNTN55 Bramley 9. 9. 
Newtown, showing Fort Albert, Alderney
AYSTA65 10.
The Convent, Alderney
AYSTA82 12.
The Mouriaux, Alderney
AYHBR64 13.
Destroyers at Alderney June 1906
AYSTA64 15.
Church of St. Anne, Alderney
Titled TA Bramley
AYSTA77 16.
Royal Square, Alderney
AYBAI54 17.  Baillif's Lane
AYCOU55 17.
RMS 'Courier' alongside jetty
AYCRA53 18.
2nd Bn., Royal Irish Rangers
(at Crabby)
AYCRA53 19.
Rowe & Mitchell's Jetty
AYSTA24 23.
Cattle watering at the Marais, Alderney
AYSTA146 24.
High Street
AYCOA51 ?Bramley 29. 29.
Coastguard Cottages, Alderney
AYCOA01 30.
Coastguard Cottages, Alderney
AYCOR09 - Bramley 32 1907 32.
Corblet's Bay, Alderney
AYSTA54 44.
Belle Vue Hotel, Alderney
AYCAC57 ?Bramley 50. 50.
Rowe & Mitchell's Jetty, Alderney
AYLAD50 ?Bramley 52. 52.
Ladysmith, Alderney
AYVAL54 - Bramley 53 53. 
The Valley
AYMAS50 55.  Marconi Station AYSTA68 57.
The Bute, Alderney
Bramley 58. - Victoria Street 58.  Victoria Street AYSTA58 59.
The Huret, Alderney
AYSTA66 60.
The Huret, Alderney