Burhou is a long island running parallel to the northern coastline of Alderney. The cottage shown was partly demolished by the Germans during WWII.  Ortac is close to Burhou.

AYBUR50 Bailey 2662 
Burhou Cottage 

How it looked in 1998

AYBUR51 Bailey 2665 
AYBUR52 Bailey 2666 
Puffins on Burhou
AYORT01 Southern
Ortac with Gannets
How it looked in 1998
Sep 2000 view with vessel
AYBUR53 Burhou Alderney
How it looked in 1998
AYBUR54 The Swinge and island of Burhou, Alderney 
1998 view
AYBUR55 Janesco
Alderney from Burhou
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