La Cachaliere is the site of a jetty, now derelict, built for the export of stone from the cliffs immediately inland. It is situated on the southern coastline, between Telegraph Bay to the west and the Hanging Rock to the east.  The large rocky islet is L'Etac De La Quoire.

Here are some thumbnail sketches of postcards showing La Cachaliere: select the thumbnail image to view a larger image of each postcard.
AYCAC01 Bailey
(no number)
This card is marked "1936" in manuscript.
How it looked in 1998
AYCAC02 Woodbury 3895
Rocks L'Etac and Chicago Jetty, Alderney
How it looked in 1998
AYCAC50 Unknown (T A Grut?)
~Rowe and Mitchells Jetty Alderney~
AYCAC51 Westness
Cachaliere Jetty, Alderney
Sep 2000 view
AYCAC52 Gaudion F.7
The Cachalier, Alderney
AYCAC53 Gaudion F.8
The Cachalier, Alderney
AYCAC59 Unknown (T A Grut?)
11A ~Rowe and Mitchells Jetty Alderney~
AYCAC54 Le Cocq

WW Granite Works & Jetty

AYCAC61 Bramley? 19.
Rowe & Mitchell's Jetty
AYCAC57 ?Bramley 50. Bramley 50.
Rowe & Mitchell's Jetty
AYCAC56 Bailey 2641
Cachalier, Alderney
Sep 2000 view
AYCAC58 W R Gaudion 66E
Engine Room
Cachelier Alderney
AYCAC60 W R Gaudion E61

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