This page shows the fonts and styles used on the backs of Alderney PPCs.

These fonts were used on "Autocel" cards, from 1904-1905

 This font was used on later "Autocel" cards in 1907 and 1909. Note the full stop, and doubled lines.

This font was used on "Bailey" cards in about 1939. Note that some of the Westness cards are very similar.

Some were poorly printed:

This font was used on a very late Bailey card, in the 1950s:

CI cards preceded the BB cards:

BB postcards use a mixture of fonts:

In the "British Photogravure" series:

In the numbered series:

(only seen on one card BB8)




are used on earlier cards. These:

appear on later cards.

This font appears on a card which is identical to an early BB card used in 1938:

These appear on cards from the late 1930s. The card pictures and styles are very similar to early BB cards, however the cards carry no publisher details.

This font appears on an early Bramley card:

And on cards tentatively attributed to Bramley:

This font appears on an unattributed card:

Cards by Mary Connolly look like this:

These are from cards by W Royston Gaudion, probably from the 1920-30 era:

This is from a card by N Grut, from the 1950s:

This is from a card by Guerin (printed in Guernsey) from 1906:

Hartmann cards are easy to identify...

These are from Heatley 1904 cards:

These fonts appear on early cards by C R LeCocq:

This is from early "Peacock" Autochrom cards (pre-WW1):

And this, from postwar cards (same font as Frith cards):

Tuck postcards are also very easy to identify:


Westness cards are quite complicated.  Some of them were reprinted and published by Mary Connolly in the 1930s.
This was used in 1915:

This in 1924 (note similarity to Bailey cards):

From around the same time:

This in 1938 (very late for a Westness card):

and this was used at an unknown date:

Woodbury cards from 1905 to 1909 look like this:

Note this Woodbury font is very similar to one used on the Gaudion card shown below:

Finally, an oddment from the 1930s: