Here are some thumbnail sketches of Alderney cattle: select the thumbnail image to view a larger image of each postcard.
Westness - First prize Westness
1st Prize
AYSTA147 Bramley
Alderney Show
AYHBR55 Westness
Shipping Alderney Cattle for America
AYHBR54 Westness
Shipping Alderney Cattle for America
AYHBR89 (Picture of Alderney cattle being loaded onto a ship) AYHBR66 Unknown
AYHBR150 Unknown AYCOW66 Westness
Alderney Cow
<Cows at trough on Blaye, 1900>
Sep 2000 view
AYCOW57 Westness
<Cows at Ladysmith trough>
AYCOW50 Westness
Alderney Cow 1890
AYCOW51 Westness
Alderney Cow 1890
AYCOW52 Westness
Alderney Cow 1890
AYCOW53 Westness
Alderney Cow 1890
AYCOW54 Westness
Alderney Cow 1890
AYCOW55 Westness
Alderney Cow 1890
AYCOW56 - yes I know it's a bull Westness
Alderney Cow 1890
AYSTA26 C R LeCocq 
Alderney Cattle Fair, July 13th 191?
1911 or 1913
AYSTA76 C R Le Cocq
Alderney Prize Cattle Show 1906
AYSTA87 Unknown - Alderney cattle
AYCOW61 Southern 1
Alderney Cattle
AYCOW62 Le Cocq
Milking at Sharpe's Farm
AYCOW63 Le Cocq
Prizewinning cow Mabel in Victoria Street
AYCOW67 Unknown
AYCOW64 Le Cocq
Alderneys at St. Anne
AYNTN04 Bailey 2676
Water Lane
Back of card (how cows tethered)
AYCOW59 Conolly
Alderney cows at Ladysmith trough
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