Mary Conolly was born in 1910 and kept a studio in Victoria Street in the 1930s.  The Liverpool wreck cards which she published are taken from Westness pictures, with Westness's titles obliterated.
AYCOW59 Alderney cows at Ladysmith trough (art) AYART02 "Alderney - One-way traffic"

Different hen and chicks, September 2000

AYHBR73 Alderney: Pleasures and Profit
AYCRA55 Alderney Sands for Happy Kids (art)
AYBAI50 Bailiffs Lane AYBAI51 Bailiffs Lane
AYSTA85 Bourgage, Alderney AYCOW60 Drinking time in Alderney
AYFRA01 French Coast seen from Alderney AYTOU52 Watermill Farm, Alderney
AYLAD52 Connolly Ladysmith
Marguerites, Alderney AYNTH50 North Coast, Alderney (art)
AYART50 "O! Come unto these yellow sands" AYBRA62 Old Quay, Alderney
(known used 1939)
AYART01 "Primrose Time in Alderney" AYCSQ55 Relief Boat at Casquets (art)
AYART52 "Riding Home in State" (art) AYSTA83 School-time in Alderney
AYCOU54 SS Courier AYSTH54 South Coast, Alderney
AYTEL07 Telegraph Bay, Alderney AYART51 The Golden Shore
AYART03 "Where winds awake the airy spray"
Telegraph Bay
AYLIV03 Wreck of the 'Liverpool'
AYLIV02 Wreck of the 'Liverpool' AYLIV04 Wreck of the 'Liverpool'
AYCLQ61 M Conolly Chateau Clanque AYTEL67 - Connolly Above Telegraph Bay
AYKGV02 - Connolly? Proclamation of KGV, 1910 AYGDN56 - Connolly? W. Coast