W R Gaudion

W R ("Wally") Gaudion ran a newsagency in Victoria Street shown here.  He produced many pictures in the early 1900s, some of which were published as "Woodbury" postcards.  He also reproduced some early prints as postcards and may, on occasion, have made copies of other postcards as well - these are generally rather poor sepia copies of coloured cards.
AYSTA137 ?Gaudion E,9 E,9 
Victoria Street, Alderney
Harbour of Refuge
Gaudion E61 - Cachelier E61 Cachelier AYCAC66 66E 
Engine Room 
AYCAC52 F.7 
The Cachalier, Alderney
AYCAC53 F.8 
The Cachalier, Alderney
AYLIN50 F.11 
Liner passing Alderney
Gaudion F.12 F.12
Torpedo Boat in a gale
AYPRT51 F.14 
Essex Castle (from print)
AYPRT50 F.17 
Braye Harbour, Alderney 
(from print)
AYBRA72 F.17 
Braye Harbour, Alderney 
(from print)
AYPRT52 F.18 
St Anne's Church Alderney 
(from print)
AYSTA149 F.19 
The Huret (from print)
AYCSQ77 F.19
The Casquets, 1830
Gaudion K.2 K.2
St. Ann's Church
AYHBR85 Braye Harbour, Alderney AYBRA02 The Old Harbour, Alderney 
(very similar to Woodbury picture)
AYCLQ52 Clonque Bay and Turk's Head AYALB09 Fort Albert, Alderney
AYGDN55 Garden Rocks with Natural Arch
AYSTA23 Old Church Tower 
(copy of a "Peacock" card)
AYPLS09 Road leading to Platte Saline Bathing Place
AYCSQ68 The Casquets 1851 (from print) AYTOU57 Tol-Vol Road E104
AYHBR91 The Jetty, Alderney AYSTA43 - Gaudion copy of Westness card St. Anne's Church, Alderney (copy of AYSTA36)
AYSTA70 Victoria Street, Alderney AYPRT54 Water Lane 
(from print)
AYALB03 Alderney Harbour and Fort Albert 
(copy of a Peacock card)
AYHBR65 The Harbour, Alderney
AYTEL58 Telegraph Head, Alderney AYTEL59 Telegraph Bay, Alderney

AYSTA151 26. Victoria Street