Fort Grosnez guards the harbour at the inshore end of the breakwater, between Braye and Crabby Bay.

Here are thumbnail sketches of postcards showing Fort Grosnez: select the thumbnail image to view a larger image of each postcard.
AYGRO01 Autocel 82222 
Gronez Fort and Harbour 
(taken from Giffoine
AYGRO52 N Grut  A20 
Braye Harbour looking North
Sep 2000 view
AYGRO50 Woodbury
Fort Grosnez, from The Swinge, Alderney 
1998 view
AYGRO02 CI series 
Fort Grosnez and New Harbour, Alderney 
How it looked in 1998
AYHBR153 - N Grut A43 N Grut A43
The Harbour
AYGRO51 Walker
The Fort, Alderney
AYGRO53 Sanbride
Fort Gros Nez
AYPLS61 Heatley
Craby Beach
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