T A Grut and N Grut of Guernsey both took photographs of Alderney which were published as postcards.  T A Grut was working towards the end of the 1890s and Norman Grut photographs were produced in the 1930-1950 era.

The images in the second table are tentatively assigned to TA Grut.
AYBRA67 N Grut Braye Bay, Alderney AYGEN53 Grand Hotel (9 views)
AYCOR57 Corbelets Bay AYCOR59 Corbelets Bay
AYLON59 N Grut Longy Bay, Alderney AYSTA29 Lower Victoria Street, Alderney  1955
AYPLS54 Platte Saline & Fort Tourgis, Alderney - 5. (see also BB cards) 1948 AYSTA111 St. Anne's Church (interior)
AYBRA68 A4 - Old Harbour N Grut 11 A11
St. Anne's Church
AYSTA112 A12 
Lower Victoria Street, Alderney
AYPLS53 A13 
Platte Saline, Alderney
AYGRO52 A20 
Braye Harbour looking North
Fort Tourgis
AYHBR13 A24 
New Harbour (entrance), Alderney
AYSTA73 A25 
Sauchet Lane, Alderney
Corbelets Bay & Fort
Newtown, Alderney
New Harbour
Grand Hotel
AYSTA47 A30 
Lower High Street
AYNTN54 N Grut A32 A32 
Newtown, Alderney
AYSTA114 A33 
Upper Victoria Street
New Harbour
AYHBR81 A35 
New Harbour and Breakwater Alderney
AYHBR76 A36 
New Harbour Alderney
N Grut A38 - Arch Bay A38 - Arch Bay AYSTA115 A39
Upper High Street
AYBRA54 A40 
Braye Street
Lower Victoria Street
AYHBR153 - N Grut A43 A43
Braye Harbour
Belle Vue Hotel
AYAIR56 A45 
The Court House, Alderney
AYSTA264 A47
War Memorial
2000 view
AYSTA108 A48 
St Anne's Church (South Door) Alderney
AYSTA117 A49 
Victoria Street looking North
AYBRA60 A51 
Braye Bay, Alderney
AYSTA118 A54 
Upper Victoria Street
Lower Victoria Street
N Grut A57:  Braye Harbour, 1959 A57
Braye Harbour, 1959
AYSTH50 A58 
South Coast, Alderney
AYCLQ10 A60 
Fort Clonque and Hannaine Bay, Alderney

SKPOS01 Post Office, Sark
Prior to 1940
SKMAS02 - N Grut S 20: Maselin Harbour, Sark S20 
Maselin Harbour, Sark
SKCRX01 Creux Harbour, Sark SKAUT03 - N Grut  S4:  1954 S4
Les Autelets & Brecqhou, Sark
SKAUT03 - N Grut  1954 Les Autelets, Sark
Dated 1927, not used
SKAUT03 - N Grut  1954 Creux Harbour, Sark
SKAUT03 - N Grut  1954 Creux Harbour, Sark

Guernsey - N Grut
GYSAU01 Hostel of St. John
Saumarez Park
GYSAU04 Hostel of St. John
Saumarez Park
GYFAU01 Fauxquets de Bas
GYUGH01 Underground Hospital Ward
GYUGH03 Underground Hospital Ward GYUGH05 Plan of Underground Hospital
GYUGH02 Entrance to German Underground Hospital
N Grut - GYSPP37 St. Peter Port N Grut - GYSPP36 St. Peter Port from the air 
(WOB 1.8.1940)
GYSPP80 - N Grut T.S. "St Helier"
GYSPP96 Old Harbour and Parish Church
GYVAU13 - N Grut, 1934 Little Chapel and Frere Deodat    1934 GYMOU07 Moulin Huet Bay
GYSPP57 -  N Grut 174 174
St. Peter Port from Castle Emplacement  1959
GYSPP07 246 

Town Church 
St. Peter Port


TA Grut
Telegraph Bay
~Cave in Telegraph Bay~
T A Grut 4A 4A 
The Marais
AYSTA128 ?N Grut ~7A 7A
 ~Victoria Street, Alderney
AYCAC59 11A 
~Rowe and Mitchells Jetty Alderney~
AYSTA129 ?N Grut 12A 12A
Little Street, Alderney
AYSTA53 13A 
~High Street, Alderney~
AYSTA88  15A 
~Sauchet Lane, Alderney~
AYSTA57 16A 
~Salvation Army Hall, Alderney~
AYROS50 ~18A
Rose Farm, Alderney~
AYBUT52 ~19A
View from Butes ~
AYCAC50 27A 
~Rowe and Mitchells Jetty Alderney~
AYSTA130 ?N Grut 28A 1908 28A
~ The Huret, Alderney
AYLON58 29A 
Admiralty Quarry
AYSTA55 38A 
Scott's Hotel, Alderney
AYSTA56 43A 
~Post Office, Alderney~
Engine Room, Cachalier
AYSTA131 ?Grut 112E 112E 
Cattle Show, Alderney