Richard Blome map of Guernsey, 1673
Richard Blome Map - 1673

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General views of Guernsey
GYGEN01 Valentine's multivew card (see here for strip of 12 views) GYGEN08 Valentine's multivew card  2022 
(see here for strip of 12 views) 1956
GYGEN02 GP? 17C 




GYGEN06 Guernsey Press G5
GYGEN07 Valentines 


GYGEN09 ? 17a
GYGEN10 Milton "Glazette"
c. 1910
GYGEN11 Constance 6063
Greetings from Guernsey
General views booklet Souvenir booklet of 8 postcards, 1930s Hauteville House booklet Hauteville House - Souvenir booklet of 15 postcards by Valentine's
T A Grut - Une Vieille Cuisaine de Guernesi T A Grut - Une Vieille Cuisaine de Guernesi GYSAU02 A Guernsey Kitchen
Saumarez Park
GYSAU01 N. Grut
Hostel of St. John
Saumarez Park
GYSAU04 N. Grut
Hostel of St. John
Saumarez Park
GYSAU03 ETW Dennis for N. Grut
Hostel of St. John
Saumarez Park
Tuck 7317 Tucks 
Guernsey Series 1 - 7317
GYSAU07 N Grut
Chapel of St. John
Saumarez Park
F W Guerin 28:  Bazaar Opening Ceremony  1907 F W Guerin 28
Bazaar Opening Ceremony 
GYSPB01 Guerin
Prison and Stocks, Saumarez Park Bazaar, 1907
GYSAU06 Guerin
Bazaar Saumarez Park 1907
MOB "Castel Group"
GYSTM01 Woodbury 6605
Well at St. Martin's
GYSTM02 Woodbury 4208
Well at St. Martin's
1977 (!)
LL 136 LL 136
Wesleyan Chapel, St. Martin's
Woodbury 3490:  St. Andrew's Church  1907 Woodbury 3490
St. Andrew's Church  1907
GYVRA01 John Welch 466
Harvesting Seaweed
JWS 466:  Harvesting Seaweed  1906 JWS 466:  Harvesting Seaweed  1906
GYVRA02 "Wyndham" series 4649
Sea Weed Gatherers, Guernsey
GYBUL02 'Woodbury' 4206
Bullock Cart, Guernsey
GYHAY02 'Wykeham' 1027
The Hay Harvest
GYFIS01 Tuck's Glosso "Guernsey and Sark" 5521
Guernsey Fishermen
GYHAY01 'Woodbury' 4194
Carting Hay, Guernsey
In a Guernsey Lane
GYOFH01 - JWS 484 JWS 484
Guernsey Farm House
GYFAR01 - JWS 493 JWS 493
In Guernsey 1904
GYHUT01 - Wrench 8338 Wrench 8338
Fisherman's Hut
GYVIN01 Long House, Longfield Vinery, Guernsey
750 Feet long, 25,000 Bunches of grapes per year
GYIVY01 JWS 1090
The Ivy Gates
GYFAU01 Norman Grut 
Fauxquets de Bas
GYGHA01 - Guernsey Press:  Grand Havre Guernsey Press
Grand Havre
GYAIR01 - Photoprecision Photoprecision 2292
(Aircraft is a Miles Aerovan, G-AILF, owned by a Mr. Pickford of Guernsey)
GYAIR02 - RA 2676 RA 2676
(Aircraft is a DH Rapide)


Valentines G.2109:  Jersey Airways (22) 1937 Valentines G.2109
Jersey Airways (22) 1937
H Barton 57009:  Saline Bay H Barton 57009
Saline Bay
GYAIR01 - Photoprecision Tozer
The Coupee,
GYFLM01 - 'Wrench' 8332, 1907 'Wrench' 8332
Fort le Marchant
GYCOW01 - LL218 - In the Fields LL 218
"In The Fields"

Used Sark 1908

LL 221 LL 221
Tomato House - Interior
GYCOW02 - LL219 - In the Fields LL 219
"In The Fields"
GYMIL01 - LL213 - Milking Time LL 213
"Milking Time"
GYSTO01 - Hartmann 2835.5:  French Stonecrackers at St. Sampson's Hartmann 2835.5
French Stonecrackers at St. Sampsons
GYGAT01 - J Welch J Welch
'Gathering Fuel'
GYWOM01 - T B Banks T B Banks
"Guernsey Market Woman"
N Grut 5:  Old Guernsey Couple N Grut 5
Old Guernsey Couple
Bramley:  King's Birthday Celebration, 1905 Bramley
King's Birthday Celebration, 1905

World War II
GYWW201 Guernsey Star G112
Watchtower, L'Eree
GYww202 - Norman Grut N. Grut
Untitled:  German Air Raid, St. Peter Port
GYVAL02 Photochrom V1682
Vale Mill converted to Observation Post by the Germans
GYUGH05 N Grut - Plan of German Underground Hospital
GYUGH01 N. Grut
Underground Hospital Ward
GYUGH03 German Underground Hospital Ward - 2.
GYUGH02 Entrance to German Underground Hospital - 1.
(Complete with German soldier)
GYUGH04 N Grut
Escape Shaft, German Underground Hospital

GYSTM03 - LL137 - St Martins - Church gatepost LL 137
St Martins 
Churchyard Gatepost
F W Guerin A10:  Gatepost, St. Martin's Church F W Guerin A10
St. Martin's Church
GYDEH01 Hood
Hougue de Dehus
(Neolithic painting)
GYSTM03 - LL137 - St Martins - Church gatepost LL 120
Cromlech, L'Eree
LL 207 LL 207
Druid's Altar, Vale

Set of Tuck's 'Oilette' postcards
7317:  Water Lane, Moulin Huet 7317:  A Field of Chrysanthemums 7317:  St Peter Port from The Pool 7317:12 O'clock Gun, Castle Cornet 7318:  Water Mill, Petit Bot
7318:  Moulin-Huet 1666:  Cobo Bay 7318:  St Peter Port from White Rock 7318:  Lion Rock, Cobo 7318:  High St., St. Peter Port