The Hanging Rock is a feature of the southern coastline of Alderney, on Essex Hill to the west of Longy Bay.

Here are some thumbnail sketches of postcards showing the Hanging Rock: select the thumbnail image to view a larger image of each postcard.
AYHAR03 Peacock "Autochrom"
"Hanging Rocks, Alderney" 
How it looked in 1998
AYHAR51 Westness


AYHAR01 Heatley
The Hanging Rock Alderney
How it looked in 1998
AYHAR02 Autocel  65897
Hanging Rock, Alderney 
How it looked in 1998
AYHAR50 Janesco
Hanging Rock, Fort Essex from Raz Island, Alderney
AYHAR52 Le Cocq
Sep 2000 view from La Tchue
AYHAR53 Woodbury
Hanging Rock, from The Race, Alderney
AYHAR54 Bailey 2647
Hanging Rock, Alderney
Sep 2000 view
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