Heatley of Guernsey produced a number of postcards in the early 1900s.  Many of these have a small square picture leaving a large amount of white space on the face of the card.  Some Heatley photographs are hand coloured.
Heatley - Greetings (embossed) Greetings from Alderney AYSTA49 Albert Memorial, Alderney
AYPLS61 Craby Beach showing Fort Grosnez AYCRA04 Crabby, Alderney
AYALB55 Fort Albert from Butes - East AYALB13 Fort Albert from Butes
AYGDN53 Granville Bay and Garden Rocks AYHBR88 Landing at Alderney
AYHBR75 Landing at Alderney AYHBR94 Landing at Jetty, Alderney
AYHB152 - Heatley Landing at Breakwater AYWRK56 Wreck of the 'Liverpool', Alderney
AYBRA16 Old Harbour and Fort Albert, Alderney
AYST206 Interior St. Anne's Church, Alderney
AYSTA27 St. Anne's Church, Alderney AYCSQ70 The Caskets
AYCSQ71 The Casquets AYCSQ11 The Casquets
AYHAR01 The Hanging Rock Alderney
AYSIS53 The Sister Rocks
AYSTA33 The Terrace, Alderney
AYYOR50 York Quarry Alderney
AYSTA17 Baillier's Lane


AYSTA17 Victoria Street, Alderney