German Underground Hospital

These postcards date from the late 1940s and show various views of the German Underground Hospital, now a museum.  Information about these pictures were kindly provided by M. Joe Miere, the custodian in February 2000.

The hospital as planned has a main entrance corridor approximately 100 meters in length extending completely through a small hill with seven transverse corridors approximately 40 meters long branching off it to the left.  Three further corridors parallel with the main entrance corridor extending from the first to the seventh transverse corridor.   The subsidiary corridors were designated as operating theatres, wards, storage, and accommodation areas - not all were completed.
JYUGH01 Entrance Corridor 
JYUGH02 Entrance Corridor before junction with first transverse corridor
JYUGH03 Entrance corridor, junction with first transverse corridor JYUGH04 Intersection of seventh transverse corridor and first parallel corridor
JYGHO01 Photo Precision 2309 
German Hospital 
Main Corridor
JYGHO02 Photo Precision 2228 
German Hospital 
A Ward