Peacock "Autochrom" cards made by the Pictorial Stationery Company were used from 1905 to 1919.  Several of these cards also appear in the Frith series.  Most have titles in English and French; some are also known in sepia as well as coloured.
AYCSQ09 A377 
The Casquets Lighthouse - Phare des Casquets.
AYGEN08 A553 multiview
Clonque, Crabby, Victoria Street, Courier
AYSTA121 1486P
St Anne's Church
AYHBR02 2708P
Alderney Breakwater and Harbour (bilingual)
AYHBR56 2708P
Alderney Breakwater and Harbour (bilingual)
AYHBR10 2708P
Breakwater and Harbour, Alderney
AYCLQ53 2709
Clonque Bay (bilingual)
AYTEL52 2710
Telegraph Bay (bilingual)
AYGIF01 2711 
'Alderney, View from Joufoin: Aurigny, Vue prise de Joufoin'. 1906
AYALB05 2712
Braye Bay and Fort Albert.  Used in 1906.
AYCRA52 2713
Crabby Village
SKFRE01: Fregondee, Sark 2715
Fregondee, Sark
AYHAR03 5517
Hanging Rocks, Alderney
AYSTA74 5518
Victoria Street, Alderney
AYSTA16 5518P
Victoria Street, Alderney
AYSTA20 P5519 
Old Church Tower.
AYSTA01 P5520
ALDERNEY. St. Anne's Church AURIGNY. L'Eglise de St. Anne
AYHBR05 5521P
Alderney, Arrival of the 'Courier': Aurigny, l'arrivee du 'Courier'.  1916
AYCSQ67 6682
Casquets Lighthouse
AYSTA72 Alderney, St. Anne's Church
AYTEL55 Telegraph Bay, Alderney (bilingual)
AYCRA52 Crabby Village
AYCLQ55 Clonque Fort, Alderney (bilingual)

GYSPP98 - Peacock P5055 P5505
Guernsey, High Street, St. Peter's Port
GYSPP25 P. 5507
St. Peter's Port Church
GYSPP68 - Peacock P.5512 P.5512
Guernsey: On the Quay
GYVAL01 P5515
Vale Church
GYSTS01 2707
General View of St. Sampson