Here are a number of prints showing Alderney scenes. select the thumbnail image to view a larger image of each print.
AYPRT01 Shepherd
The Bray or Bree
AYPRT02 The Old Church, Alderney


AYPRT03 La Husay St Anns


AYPRT04 Alderney Breakwater from Butes
Platte Saline Platte Saline St. Anne's Church (Illustrated London News) St. Anne's Church
AYPRT05 The Harbour


AYPRT06 Soy Bay and Fort Chateau, L'Toc
AYPRT07 Road leading to Platte Saline


AYPRT55 Essex Castle


AYPRT50 Gaudion F.17
Braye Harbour, Alderney
AYPRT56 Naftel 1880
View from Lover's Chair
AYPRT51 Gaudion F.14
Essex Castle
AYPRT52 Gaudion F.18
St Anne's Church Alderney
AYSTA149 Gaudion F19
The Huret
AYPRT53 Gaudion
Road to Platte Saline


AYPRT54Water Lane Gaudion
Water Lane and original print


Fort Albert Fort Albert AYHBR93 Gaudion E29
Harbour of Refuge
Race of Alderney from Caskets Race of Alderney from Caskets Caskets Lighthouse off Alderney Caskets Lighthouse off Alderney

Osborne map from 1748:

Topo-Hydrographical Map of the Islands of Alderney and Burhou (1757)

Late Victorian map by W Hughes / Virtue & Co. (section)


Ditto (whole map)

Morden map - Engraving 1695


Bartholomew map (reproduction)

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