The Rocquettes are at the bottom of Victoria Street at the top of Braye Road.
AYSTA59 Bramley
Victoria Street, Alderney

View in 1998

AYSTA50 Bramley
Butes Chapel and Rocquettes, Alderney
Sep 2000 view
AYSTA54 Bramley 44.
Belle Vue Hotel, Alderney

Sep 2000 view

AYSTA54 N Grut 44.
Belle Vue Hotel
AYSTA132 Belle-Vue Hotel
AYSTA86 Unknown
Belle Vue Hotel, Alderney
AYSTA38 Unknown
Interior of Methodist Church, Alderney
Used 1906  Sep 2000 view
AYSTA134 Methodist Chapel & Manse
Sep 2000 view
AYSTA134 Westness
Funeral of Crimea War Veteran (looking up Le Val, building on right is C of E  Soldier's Institute) 
Sep 2000 view

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