"Sanbride" cards were published by Hood & Co of Middlesbrough.  These (rather poor quality) cards probably date from the 1930-1940s - the two coloured cards listed were used in 1939.   Sanbride also published some cards by Connolly at about this time.  These cards appear similar in style and quality to those in the "Southern" series.
AYPLS52 Alderney: Caskets and Burhou AYETO51 Alderney: Chateau L'Etoc
AYCOR52 Alderney: Corblets Fort AYSTA46 Connaught Square
Sanbride - Fort Gros Nez Fort Gros Nez AYPLS62 Plattes Salines
AYLTH67 Quesnard Lighthouse AYLTH67 Our Lady's Convent