Sark - Miscellaneous Views.

Map of Sark from Bartholomew print
Bartholomew map (reproduction) Modern map from PPC

Photo booklets
Set of 12 snapshots by Banks Brownsey - details here SKGEN07 Set of 12 snapshots by Valentines - details here
Set of 10 snapshots from 1930s - details here

SKGEN01 Valentine's H.6163 
SKGEN02 Judges


SKGEN07 Unknown
SKGEN09 - RA RA 5054

SKAVE01 BB "British Photogravure"
The Avenue, Sark
2002 view
SKCOL01 Guernsey Press 
La Colinette, Sark
SKCHU01 Unknown 
Sark Church (1904)
Sep 2000 view
SKCHU02 RA 5029
St. Peter's Church
SKCHU03 - Godfray 882 Godfray 882
Church, Sark
SKCHU04 Wyndham W4566
Parish Church, Sark  1906
GP 1110:  St. Peter's Church GP 1110
St. Peter's Church
Wyndham 4586:  La Fort Wyndham 4586
La Fort
SKSCH01 Tozer 201
Court House and Schoolroom
Fregondee Fregondee
SKLAR01 Woodbury

Sark Cottages - La Rade, Sark

SKGEN03 - Godfray's Farm House Kitchen Godfray 886 
Old Farm Kitchen 
SKSGN01 - BB3 - La Seignurie, Sark BB 3 
La Seigneurie, Sark 
1961  2002 view
SKSGN02 - Guernsey Press Guernsey Press 
La Seigneurie
SKSGN03 - Valentines K.2328 Valentines K2328 
La Seigneurie
SKSGN05 - Valentines Valentines  K2328 "Collo Colour" 
La Seigneurie
SKSGN07 - Toms 26 C H Toms 26
La Seigneurie
SKSGN10 - Shurey Shurey 
The Manor House
SKSGN11 - Guernsey Press 007 Guernsey Press 007
La Seigneurie from the gardens
SKSGN08 - LL42 LL 42
Entrance to the Seigneurerie 1916  2002 view
SKSGN04 - De Carteret De Carteret 
Seigneurie Gateway, Sark
2002 view
SKSGN09 - Valentine's Valentine's 
Seigneurie Lane
1911  2002 view
SKSGN06 Valentines
Seigneurie Lane
SKSGN12 J P De Carteret
Seigneurie Lane
Seigneurie Lane
SKCOT01 - Godfray Godfray 866 
L'Ecluse Cottage, Sark
2002 view
SKSTO01:  LL 38 LL 38
Stock's Hotel
SKSTO01:  LL 38 Tozer TG105
Stock's Hotel
SKBEL02:  LL 36 LL 36
Bel Air Hotel
SKBEL01 Cotman
Bel Air Hotel 
1960  2002 view
N Grut 124:  Bel-Air N Grut 124
SKPOS01 Norman Grut
Post Office, Sark
Sep 2000 view
SKPOS02 - Guernsey Press Guernsey Press
The Post Office
SKPOS03 211
Post Office, Sark
SKCAR01 Valentine K7335
Sark Carriages
SKPRI03 - Woodbury 4212 Woodbury 4212
Sark Prison
SKPRI01 - Photochrom Photochrom
The Prison, Sark
Sep 2000 view
SKPRI02 - Valentines 32215 Valentines 32215
The Prison, Sark
SKPRI04 - N. Grut Norman Grut
The Prison
SKPRI05 - Hartmann 4329.4 Hartmann 4329.4
The Prison, Sark
Shurey's Publications:  The Prison Shurey's Publications
The Prison
SKPRI06 - LL 29 LL 29
The Prison, Sark
LL 29:  The Prison, 1919 LL 29
The Prison, Sark  1919
BB 'British Photogravure':  The Prison, Sark BB 'British Photogravure'
The Prison, Sark
SKMIL01 - Judges Judges 4548
The Mill, Sark
1960s     2002 view
SKMIL02 John P. de Carteret
The Windmill, Sark
2002 view
SKPAN01 - Sark, Peirre au Normand Unknown 
Pierre du Normand 
SKCOR01 - Valentines H.8299 1954 Valentine H.8299
SKCOA02 - Salmon 12220 Salmon
The Rugged Coast of Sark
SKBAL01 Bailey 2986 
Sark Baleine Bay
SKGEN05 Shurey
Coast of Sark
SKGEN06 Guernsey Press
Hole in the Rock
1963   2002 view
SKGDV01 Unknown
Greve-de-la-Ville Bay
SKGDV02: Norman Grut Norman Grut
Greve de la Ville Bay
SKFOG01 - Judges 2431 Judges 2431
Sea Fog and Gorse
for P. Le Cheminant, Gsy.
SKTIN01 - Judges 2428 Judges 2428
Tintageau, Sark
GP?:  Baker's Valley GP?
Baker's Valley
Valentines H.8298:  Puffins on Etac Valentines H.8298
Puffins on Etac
SKVHC01 - Judges 4506 - In Victor Hugo Cave, Sark Judges 4506 
In Victor Hugo Cave, Sark
SKWEL01 - Well-le-Fort Unknown
SKDOG01 - GP 83 GP 83
Sark, Dog Cave
SKFRE01 - Peacock 2715 'Peacock' 2715
Fregondee, Sark
SKCOT02 - 'Peacock' Q8007 'Peacock' Q8007
A Cottage, Sark  1909
Pegane Bay Pegane Bay Pegane Bay Pegane Bay
Port-es-Sees Bay Port-es-Sees Bay

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