The Sister Rocks are situated at the Eastern end of Telegraph Bay, between Telegraph Bay and La Cachaliere.

Here are some thumbnail sketches of postcards showing the Sister Rocks: select the thumbnail image to view a larger image of each postcard.
AYSIS02 Tuck "Oilette" 7320
Alderney & Sark series, 
'Alderney: The Sister Rocks'
AYSIS01 CI series
Sister Rocks, Alderney CI
How it looked in 1998
AYSIS03 CI series
Sister Rocks, Alderney CI
AYSIS51 Westness
Sister Rocks, Alderney
AYSIS50 Westness
Sister Rocks, Alderney
AYPRT56 Naftel Print 1880
View from Lover's Chair
AYSIS53 Heatley
The Sister Rocks
AYSIS52 Westness
Sister Rocks, Alderney
Unknown, Hand painted Unknown
Hand painted
Unknown Unknown
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