The "Southern" series of cards dates from the 1950-1960 era.  The backs of the "Southern" cards are very similar to those on BB cards from the same era, so possibly these were made by BB as well.
"Southern" card
"BB" card

AYCOW61 1.
Alderney Cattle
AYALB54 2.
St. Anne's (Fort Albert from Butes)
AYBRA56 3.
Braye Harbour
AYTEL12 4.
Telegraph Bay
AYSTA30 5.
Snow in St. Annes Connaught Square
AYCLQ13 6.
Clonque Bay
AYORT01 7.
Ortac Rock with Gannets
AYCOR08 8.
High Seas at Corblets Bay

AYSTA37 11.
Street in St. Anne's