General views of St. Anne's

Series of panoramic views taken from Belle Vue Hotel roof, September 2000
Victoria Street Victoria Street Fort Tourgis, Swinge, and Burhou Butes and Breakwater Braye and Fort Albert St. Annes Church

AYSTA42 - Bramley Birds-eye View Bramley
Birds-eye View of the Town   1916
March 2000 view
Note the Bramley card on the left was made from a picture taken from the top of the Belle Vue Hotel and was used from there. This is the forerunner of all the General View cards below - see here
AYSTA03 BB 36 
St.Anne's, Alderney
AYSTA04 CI series 
General View of St. Annes looking south, Alderney
AYSTA09 BB  5 
General View of St. Annes looking south, Alderney 
AYSTA21 CI series 
General View of St. Annes looking south, Alderney
AYSTA22 CI series 
General view of St. Annes looking South, Alderney, C.I
AYINT01 Unknown - interior 
AYSTA254 Le Cocq C R Le Cocq
Cattle Show
AYSTA255 Le Cocq C R Le Cocq
Cattle Show
AYSTA256 Le Cocq C R Le Cocq
AYSTA257 Le Cocq C R Le Cocq
AYSTA26 C R LeCocq 
Alderney Cattle Fair, July 13th 191? 
1911 or 1913
AYSTA76 C R Le Cocq
Alderney Prize Cattle Show 1906 

 Sep 2000 view (from Le Val)

AYSTA57 Unknown (T A Grut?) 16A. 
~Salvation Army Hall, Alderney~
High Street / Longis Road
Sep 2000 view
Alderney War Memorial

Sep 2000 view

AYSTA63 Bramley
Royal Court 
AYSTA84 Bramley 8. 
Royal Court 
AYSTA82 Bramley 12. 
The Mouriaux, Alderney
Sep 2000 view
AYSTA262 - Bramley 6 Bramley 6. 
The Convent, Alderney
AYSTA65 Bramley 10. 
The Convent, Alderney
Sep 2000 view
AYSTA144 Bailey 2673
AYSTA265 Westness?
AYOLC01W Sanbride
Our Lady's Convent
AYSTA87 Unknown - Alderney cattle AYSTA92 Westness
Le Val cottages
Sep 2000 view
AYSTA102 T A Singleton
Town of St Anne's from the Blayes, Alderney
Unveiling War Memorial 2/9/22
AYSTA37 Southern 11. 
Street in St. Anne's
(High Street)
Sep 2000 view
AYSTA120 Le Cocq
(unreadable inscription) 
< - - Connaught Square after Proclamation>
Sep 2000 view
AYSTA62 Bramley
Ollivier Street and Royal Arsenal, Alderney
(Le Val and Ollivier St)
Sep 2000 view
AYSTA135 (unknown) 1932 Convent of Our Lady of Mercy 1932
Sep 2000 view
AYSTA133 LeCocq 1907 Le Cocq
SA Songsters, Alderney 1907
AYSTA131 ?Grut 112E Cattle Show, Alderney 112E
AYSTA147 Bramley
Alderney Show
AYKGV01 - Le Cocq Le Cocq
Coronation of King George V
AYKGV02 - Connolly? Connolly?
Coronation of King George V
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