Thomas D Westness was a prolific photographer of Alderney views and events.  He moved to Alderney from Guernsey in 1890.  Several of his photographs were still being produced in postcard form into the 1930s.
There are no pictures extant of Mr. Westness but one of his female relatives appears in a few pictures, and his footsteps are visible in one of the Telegraph Bay pictures.
Westness - First prize 1st Prize AYHBR68 <Harbour> 1906
Westness - Harbour Harbour, Alderney AYHBR67 Harbour, Alderney
AYHBR01 <Harbour> AYHBR52 Harbour, Alderney
AYHBR58 Harbour, Alderney AYHBR53 Alderney Roadstead
AYHBR60 Harbour, Alderney AYHBR59 Harbour, Alderney
AYBRA22 Fort Albert from Old Harbour AYHBR06 Alderney Breakwater
(showing 'Courier')
AYMOL01 Alderney Breakwater AYHBR54 Shipping Alderney Cattle for America
AYHBR55 Shipping Alderney Cattle for America AYBRA51 Old Harbour, Alderney
AYBUT50 Alderney from Butes AYLTH62 Alderney Lighthouse - View from the Town
AYSTH55 Alderney SE AYBUT51 Butes, VR Golden Jubilee Parade 1887
AYLON54 Ancient Burial Mound, Alderney AYBRA58 Braye Road
AYBRA64 Braye Road AYBRA64 Braye Road
AYCAC51 Cachaliere Jetty, Alderney
AYCSQ66 Casquets AYCSQ59 Casquets
AYETO01 Chateau L'Etoc
AYSTA265 Convent
AYSTA253 Westness Church AYSTA96 Church Choir
AYSTA94 Church Alderney AYSTA95 Interior St. Anne's Church
AYSTA36 Westness
St. Anne's Church
AYSTA97 Church in snow 1895
AYSTA101 St. Anne's Church 
Naval Funeral
AYCLQ54 Clonque, Alderney
AYCLQ58 Clonque, Alderney AYCOA50 Coastguard Houses
AYHBR84 <Courier at Quay> AYHBR72 <Courier at Quay>
AYCOU01 RMS "Courier" AYCOW58 <Cows at trough on Blaye, 1900>
Sep 2000 view
AYCOW57 <Cows at Ladysmith trough> AYCRA01 Craby
AYLON52 Cromlech, Alderney
AYCOW50 Alderney Cow 1890 AYCOW66 Alderney Cow
AYCOW51 Alderney Cow 1890 AYCOW52 Alderney Cow 1890
AYCOW53 Alderney Cow 1890 AYCOW54 Alderney Cow 1890
AYCOW55 Alderney Cow 1890 AYCOW56 - yes I know it's a bull Alderney Bull 1890
AYHBR70 "Fawn" at Alderney Jetty AYALB10 <Fort Albert>
AYESX50 Fort Essex, Alderney AYTOU51 Fort Tourgis, Alderney
AYTOU58 Fort Tourgis, Alderney AYTOU59 - Westness Fort Tourgis, Alderney
AYSTA100 Funeral of Crimea Veteran AYGDN05 Garden Rocks, Alderney
AYSTA92 Le Val cottages AYLTH52 Lighthouse, Alderney
AYLTH05 Lighthouse, Alderney AYLTH56 Lighthouse, Alderney
AYLTH57 Lighthouse, Alderney AYLON56 Longy Bay
AYLON51 Longy Road AYSTA98 M A Lane
AYESX03 Nunnery & Fort Essex AYSTA93 Opposite Scott's Hotel
AYSTA103 Scott's Hotel AYPLS50 Platte Saline, Alderney
AYSIS50 Sister Rocks, Alderney AYSIS51 Sister Rocks, Alderney
AYSIS52 Sister Rocks, Alderney AYSTH52 South Coast
AYHBR71 SS 'Alberta' at Alderney Jetty AYHBR83 SS 'Monarch' at Alderney Jetty
AYSTH51 South Coast Cliffs, Alderney
(Hanging Rocks in distance)
AYCOU04 S.S. Courier
AYTEL54 Telegraph Bay 
(with footprints!)
AYTEL64 Telegraph Bay Alderney
AYTEL18 Telegraph Bay AYSTA90 Terrace, Alderney
AYSTA91 Terrace, Alderney AYTVX50 Trois Vaux, Alderney
AYBAR01 Untitled
Trough near Airport
AYSTA71 Victoria Street Alderney - Coronation of HM George V
AYSTA140 Victoria Street AYSTA99 Victoria Street Alderney - June 23 1911
AYVAL51 Valley Pump, Alderney AYSTA89 Volunteers leaving Alderney
AYHBR69 Militia Volunteer Contingent leaving Alderney Harbour March 20. 15 AYHBR77 Volunteers leaving Alderney
AYTOU54 Watermill Farm AYFEL01 Wreck of 'Felix de Abosolo'
AYWRK61 Wreck of SS 'Terra' AYWRK65 Wreck of SS 'Terra' from Chateau Le Toc
AYLIV05 Wreck of the 'Liverpool' AYLIV01 Wreck of the 'Liverpool'
AYLIV50 Wreck of the 'Liverpool' AYLIV51 Wreck of the 'Liverpool'
Wreck of TBD81 (salvaged) AYWRK59 Wreck of TBD 81 (crew)
AYMAP50 <Map> AYBRA63 Harbour, Alderney